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Thursday, 16 January 2020 18:54

DMS: Marketing tips, retail trends and more!

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26 Ideas for Your 2020 Small Business Marketing Strategy

Small business owners looking for a way to track ROI and brand awareness need digital marketing. Not only is digital marketing a must-have for promoting your products or services, but optimizing your online assets is also critical to your business' overall success. In this guide, HubSpot helps you build and optimize your marketing strategy. 97% of people learn about local businesses online more than anywhere else! 

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The 6 Best Canadian Retail Tips for 2020 (that apply to all businesses!)
As a business in Canada, you're probably thinking about the best ways to enjoy 2020 payoffs throughout the year. Discover six tips that could help achieve your goals. Payments, Advertising, Traffic, Customer Service, AI and more!
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Digital Main Street Spotlight

Shantee Healing uses Digital Main Street to create space for clients to unplug
But as Jas Dhillon started to turn her vision for Shantee Healing into reality, she quickly realized the gaps in her knowledge-base surrounding the tools she’d need to operate in an increasingly digital world. It was around that time she was introduced to Digital Main Street.  “I didn’t know about POS, inventory management… all those types of things that were talked about through the program – it was a really good foundation that gave me glimpses into what I would need.”


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Social Media for Small Business: Online Webinar

???? Jan 22 ???? Online

In this workshop you’ll learn the various sources of traffic and how to increase your web presence (and traffic!) through a combination of content, PPC Marketing, local business listings and basic SEO practices.

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Maximizing Your Online Advertising & Digital Marketing Budget: Online Webinar

???? Feb 25 ???? Online

In this online workshop, you'll learn the tricks and tools needed to market your business effectively on a shoestring budget. You don't need a big budget to get noticed on the web – you just need creativity! 

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As the Digital Main Street Program continues to expand across Ontario, please take a look at our full events calendar for events in your local community. 

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???? Regional Events Across Ontario with Camp Tech + OBIAA

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